Copy/Cut text into clipboard by one of ways:

    1. Copy/Cut selected text in editor area
      • Select text in editor area which you want to be copied:
        Editor Copy Cut Paste | CMS Tools Files | Documentation: Select text (image)
      • Click toolbar button icon
      • Click toolbar button icon
        (alternative: CTRL+C/CTRL-X or web browser right click menu Copy/Cut)
    2. Copy/Cut text in PC application (Notepad, Wordpad, MS Word, etc.)

    Paste text from clipboard to editor area:

    1. Place mouse cursor in editor area place where text to be pasted
    2. Paste text by one of ways:
      • Paste - click toolbar button icon
        (alternative: CTRL+V)
      • Paste text only - click toolbar button icon
        Paste text only
        . All formating tags will be removed
      • Paste formatted text - click toolbar button icon
        Paste formatted text
        . Assume copy/paste MS Word formatted text. Special filter will apply to formatted text
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