Basic setup workflow steps:

    1. Install CMS with sample site
    2. Integrate your design elements into sample site
    3. Update content

    1. Install CMS with site sample

    Assume you have already installed Apache Web server with PHP Extensions  (usually all are installed by default at typical hosting server). Upload to hosting server and extract CMS and sample site archive in document root of Apache virtual server at hosting server.

    Run CMS administration tool "Setup" using builtin admin and password (admin/admin). At least you must alter:

    • Server domain address
    • Administrator password and e-mail

    We strongly recommend to change builtin administrator default password!

    2. Integrate design elements into sample site

    Sample site have 2 skins: default and Christmas. Christmas skin does not have separate skin folder and is only symbolic link to default skin with minimum changes in template. All design elements integration tasks are targeted to default skin located in /cms/skins/default folder. You can use CMS File Manager or WebDAV server connected as network drive to do design integration. Sample site is made to be mostly suitable for typical business company and minimal design updates require. Steps to be done:

    • Update sample site style variables of stylesheet class elements in /cms/skins/default/skin-variables.scss file:
      • Position
      • Width, height
      • Font family, size, weight, color
      • Background
      • Other variables
    • Upload and replace sample pictures with your pictures (ex. logo)

    3. Update content

    • Update site menu items (using CMS tool Menu):
      • Title
      • Extended title
      • Description
      • Keywords
    • Upload your files (using CMS File Manager): images, pdf files and other files to be linked into site pages
    • Update pages content (using jQuery plugin cms_edit() WYSIVYG editor)

    You can create new pages and add new menu items too. We recommend to copy/paste sample site page and use as template when creating new page and menu item.

    More detailed info about setup workflow you can find in Administration section of this documentation.

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