KUSoftas CMS supports separate menu tree for each language. Multiple langugages may be defined in site. Sometimes some messages program or template snippet needs to be automatically translated into proper language according to current page locale. Interactive site localization tool allow to extract such messages from Java Script, PHP and Smarty templates into portable object files (PO) to be translated into different languages. Integrated translation editor allow to translate PO messages and compile into machine object (MO) file. Optionaly you can use standard GNU gettext utilities and PoEDIT or other similar editor to perform same task if you like.

    Sample template installation contains predefined source files bundle to be messages extracted containing skin js and template files. Optionally you can include other site js, php and template files. Messages from source files will be extracted, when surrounded in:

    • PHP - gettext('...') for singleton and ngettext('...') for plural translation forms
    • Smarty template - {p} ... {/p}
    • JS - _('...') for singleton and _('...', '...', '...') for plural forms
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