API URL/usr/rel/:id
    DescriptionUsers assigned to this group list DataTable() object server side RESTFul API
    AccessRestricted to roles: admin, demo
    Rquest methodGET | POST
    Request data typeRequest variables
    Request URL data
    • :id - group internal id in DB table
    Request GET/POST data Variables automatically issued by DataTable() object for server side backend:
    • draw - sequence number
    • ...
    Response typeJSON
    Response data
    { 'draw': 'sequence number', // ex. '1' 'recordsTotal': 'total records in DB user table', // ex. '13' 'recordsFiltered': 'total records in DB user table', // ex. '13' 'data':[ [ 'No', // sequence no ex. '1' 'user id in DB table', // ex. '1' 'user id', // ex. 'smi' 'user name', // ex. 'Smith John' 'user e-mail address', // ex. 'smith.john@mail.com' 'user country', // ex. 'USA' 'user code', //ex. 'ecom' '<div class="cms-mark-icon-positive"></div>', // user active: class="cms-mark-icon-positive", user inactive: class="cms-mark-icon-negative" 'last update editor name', // ex. 'Linkoln Edgar', 'CMS' - if cms builtin administrator 'last update timestamp' // ex. '2013-09-02 15:04:33' ] ... ], 'rc': '0', 'msg': 'success' }
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