Wide Opportunity to Use

    KUSoftas CMS does not require any specific software package to be installed at hosting server. Site sample with CMS may be installed on any hosting server in shared resources and does not require any specific settings of hosting environment. Simply upload to hosting server and extract from archive. Change site URL and builtin administrator password. Update site content as you need.

    KUSoftas CMS can ran using XML files or data base (DB) as CMS data storage. It is at your choice. At any time it may be switched to XML or DB. Data may be easy exported from DB to XML or imported into DB from XML. Optionally DB can be used only as CMS tools backend with auto export to XML files on content update when CMS actually is running using XML as data storage. XML mode more suitable for small site installations. XML usage main effort - easy data modification using your favorit XML editor. Sites with large amount pages will more effectively run in DB mode.

    KUSoftas CMS may be easy used for non standard site installations. For ex. CMS may be used for RESTful API implementation. KUSoftas CMS is using this option internaly. KUSoftas CMS may be used as framework for web based information system creation. It is based on very common open source software and technologies such as PHP, jQuery and Smarty and does not force programmers to use any specific programming techniques. KUSoftas CMS is true multi layer application. Presentation layer is user web browser where is page with jQuery based application received from host server PHP Smarty templating engine. Presentation layer application is comunicating with business rules layer application via Ajax with RESTful API. Business rules layer application is comunicating with DB ant other system components. Access to system resources is controlled by hierarchical (with permisions inheritance) access control system using user id and assigned groups - like in MS Windows OS.

    KUSoftas CMS supports subsite installations when subsite URL is part of main site URL. Subsites may share same user data base, API or skins with main site or other subsites. All subsites technically are separate sites. KUSoftas CMS sample templates are implemented as subsites of this site.

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