General Data

    Template General Data | CMS Tools Setup | Documentation (image)
    1. "Template" tab selected
    2. "General data" tab selected
    3. Fill fields in general data form:
      Compile folder Folder where compiled template files will be located.
      Cache folder Folder where cache template files will be located (caching stages: 1. compile template; 2. cache template)
      Caching Cachin options:
      • off - caching is turned off
      • lifetime current - set same lifetime for all templates
      • lifetime saved - set individual lifetime for templates
      Cache lifetime Default cache lifetime for page templates:
      • 0 - unlimited cache lifetime
      • -1 - no cache
      • some number - caching time in seconds
      Compile check Check if template is changed and recompile if it needs
      Force compile Allways recompile templates (same as caching is turned off)
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