Browse | CMS Tools Indexing| Documentation (image)
    1. "Browse" tab selected
    2. Browse text. Leave empty to start browsing from the begining. Enter symbol, word or part of word to locate browsing position
    3. Browse execute button
    4. Search settings:
      • Index to be used to browse: default (defined in configuration) or select other
      • Default field to be used if not defined in query: default (defined in configuration) or select other
      • Browse results format: default (defined in configuration) or select XML, JSON or Table
      • Ident XML / JSON tags in browse results (if XML or JSON format in use)
      • Nowrap XML / JSON browse results (only when ident is true) - to see results in compact form
      • Page start - start paging from some browse results item sequence number
      • Page size
    5. View indexed items containing browse word button
    6. Browse results paging
    7. Page size

    View results:

    • No - word sequence number in browse
    • Original word extracted during indexing
    • Search word - during indexing converted into lower case and some national language symbols replaced by ASCII symbols (if possible)
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