File Manager

    CMS File Manager Basics | Overview | Documentation (image)

    A file manager or file browser is a computer program that provides a user interface to manage files and folders (

    KUSoftas CMS has 100% Web based integrated file manager with WYSIVYG editor ("What You See Is What You Get", Integrated file manager may be used to upload, download, delete and edit files which may be included into pages. File manager uses KUSoftas CMS access control for folders and files authorization. Site builtin administrator has full access to all site folders and files. Other site users and groups may have authorized access to CMS files and images folders. Admin group have full access to site files and images folders in site sample template installation.

    KUSoftas CMS uses elFinder as file manager for web and elRTE as WYSIWYG editor for website.

    File manager main functions:

    • Context sensitive right click menu
    • Multi file upload
    • Multi file download
    • Cut, copy, paste, drag and drop (including MS Windows OS Explorer)
    • File and folder create, edit, delete, rename
    • Image resize, crop, rotate
    • Create and extract files from archive
    • Manage folders and files access control lists

    WYSIVYG editor main functions:

    • Edit document in hypertext and source modes and save using file manager backend with access cotrol
    • Cut, copy, paste document data (including MS Word)
    • Clean document format
    • Toggle display document stucture
    • Undo/redo document changes
    • Open file manager from within WYSIVYG editor
    • Styling - styles, fonts, sizes, etc.
    • Align text in areas - left, right, center, justify
    • Indent/Outdent
    • Ordered and unordered lists
    • Link/unlink to other page (link selection to internal files may be created using file manager)
    • Bookmark
    • Horizontal Rule
    • Blockquote
    • Block Element (DIV)
    • CSS Style and Class
    • Image (image may be selected using file manager)
    • Video
    • Table - table, rows and cells management
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