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    jQuery code snippet:

    cms_plugin_maps= $('.skin-contacts-map').cms_plugin_maps({ // create cms_plugin_maps instance id: skin_lang, // maps id = language code lang_id: skin_lang_id, // google maps language id cms_path: skin_cms_path // cms folder relative path });

    HTML code snippet:

    <script language="javascript" src="{$lang_id|default:'en'}" type="text/javascript"></script> <div id="sample-map" id="eng"></div>

    CSS code snippet:

    .skin-contacts-map {position: relative; display: block; width: 100%; height: $contacts-map-height; margin-top: 10px}


    Option Method Callback
    class_control, class_marker, class_marker_text, class_marker_address
    admin, id, item_id, lang_id
    map, map_address, map_markers
    cms_path, cms
    .cms_plugin_maps( settings )

    Description: Plugin will add map control to specified element and allow to manage and show map on the page.

    .cms_plugin_maps( settings )
      • settings
      • Type: PlainObject
      • A set of key/value pairs that configure cms_plugin_maps() plugin.
          • class_control (default: 'cms-plugin-control')
          • Type: String
          • Plugin tools marker selection class
          • class_marker (default: 'cms-plugin-maps-marker')
          • Type: String
          • Map marker info div class
          • class_marker_text (default: 'cms-plugin-maps-marker-text')
          • Type: String
          • Map marker info title div class
          • class_marker_address (default: 'cms-plugin-maps-marker-address')
          • Type: String
          • Map marker info text div class
        • Default map options:

          { center: '0,0', // map center position zoom: 1, // map zoom rotateControl: true, // map rotate control overviewMapControl: true, // map overview control panControl: true, // map pan control scaleControl: true, // map scale control streetViewControl: true, // map street view control zoomControl: true, // map zoom control mapTypeControl: true, // map type control disableDefaultUI: false // map disable default UI }
          • map_address (default: '1')
          • Type: String
          • Enable show map marker addres in marker info window
          • map_markers (default: [])
          • Type: Array
          • Map marker list

          Sample marker list:

          [ { lat: "54.928133", // marker latitude lng: "23.8869919", // marker longitude text: "KUSoftas", // info window text text_open: "1" // open info window } }
          • admin (default: ['admin'])
          • Type: Array
          • Array of user groups (roles) can use this plugin control
          • id (default: 'eng')
          • Type: String
          • Plugin data file id
          • item_id (default: 'eng')
          • Type: String
          • Plugin storage file id
          • lang_id: (default: 'en')
          • Type: String
          • Plugin item language id
          • cms_path (default: '/cms/srv')
          • Type: String
          • Relative path to CMS software
          • cms (default: true)
          • Type: Boolean
          • Use plugin with cms

    cms_plugin_map plugin plugin styling and control (plugin implementation in sample):

    • sample-map - map container
    • sample-plugin-control - map control
    • cms-plugin-maps-marker - map marker info div class
    • cms-plugin-maps-marker-text - map marker info title div class
    • cms-plugin-maps-marker-address - map marker info text div class
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