Add news into page sample
    2016-08-25 00:00:00

    KUSoftas CMS has implemented SSL into the core of CMS with following options:

    • All site pages forced to be accessed using HTTPS only.
    • Allow separate pages to be accessed using HTTP only, HTTPS only or in both ways.
    • Separate page can be redirected from HTTP to HTTPS or vice versa.
    • Separate page can be redirect into another URL using HTTP or HTTPS.
    • Page URL aliases can be entered with specified protocol: HTTP, HTTPS or both.
    • Menu tree element can be forced to use HTTPS if corresponding page supports both protocols.
    • News item view can be forced to use HTTPS.

    Site must be configured to be used with SSL.

    New version of PHP Slim framework has been implemented into core of CMS as URL router. Slim is a PHP micro framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and APIs. At its core, Slim is a dispatcher that receives an HTTP request, invokes an appropriate callback routine, and returns an HTTP response. More about Slim framework:

    New CMS version also contains a lot of software functionality enhancements.

    More about KUSoftas CMS SSL

    KUSoftas CMS change log is available at

    Download and try it!

    KUSoftas Team, 08/25/2016

    2016-06-16 00:00:00

    KUSoftas CMS e-commerce plugin suits for implementation of small or large e-shop. It is based on full-text indexing and search engine that allows a good throughput. E-shop can be hosted at inexpensive shared hosting server. PayPal payment system uses secure purchasing forms, encoded by PayPal and the seller SSL digital certificates, and are fully integrated into KUSoftas CMS e-shop plugin. Product configurator allows to configure product you want to buy using a list of options. Configured with product configurator products can be purchased along with other e-shop goods.

    Main e-shop plugin features:

    • Responsive design
    • Catalogue
    • Filtering, sorting
    • Compare
    • Purchase
    • Search
    • E-mail sending
    • Discounts, points, personal discount account
    • E-shop and CMS administration tools
    • User tools

    More about e-shop. Test sample.

    More about product configurator Test sample.

    KUSoftas CMS change log is available at

    Download and try it!

    KUSoftas Team, 06/16/2016

    2015-02-11 12:00:00
    KUSoftas full-text indexing and search engine (Search engine) is enterprise search platform designed to be used in the shared hosting. It is pure PHP application and does not require standalone full-text search server with servlet container such as Apache Solr or Elasticsearch (both are based on Apache Lucene).

    Search engine is well integrated into CMS as well it allows to create various search indexes that fits customer needs very easy. Low cost of ownership based on very cheap shared hosting targets small business companies also it is important for bigger enterprises too. Search engine brings enterprise full-text indexing and search availability for non expensive systems that was not possible using Apache Solr or Elasticsearch yet. More information:

    Some open source packages were upgraded to latest versions:  PHP Smarty, PHP Slim, jQuery and jQuery UI, jQuery Data Tables, jQuery Superfish as well as some small bugs fixed and CMS tools updated.

    KUSoftas CMS change log is available at

    Download and try it!

    Kusoftas Team, 11/02/2015

    2014-10-21 22:00:00

    Whats new in CMS 2.6 version:

    • Digital object datastream content get/put RESTful API
    • WYSIWYG, Codemirror and image editors for digital object datastreams
    • Smarty template plugin for datastreams
    • Smarty template support in digital object datastreams
    • HTTP Basic authorization support for digital object datastreams

    KUSoftas CMS change log is available at

    Download and try it!

    Kusoftas Team, 10/21/2014

    2014-09-21 23:00:00

    Whats new in CMS 2.5 version:

    • Menu items collection
    • Ability to add pages as menu items into site menu tree via list
    • Page URL redirect codes may be selected from the list
    • Unique ID in menu item
    • Updated sample site collections to be used

    KUSoftas CMS change log is available at

    Download and try it!

    Kusoftas Team, 09/21/2014

    2014-08-28 16:00:00

    CMS management tools Menu and Pages have improved navigation in new CMS 2.4 version now:

    • Navigation in tree using expandable and collapsible nodes on left side
    • Navigation in the table on right side with filtering and sorting is synchronized with tree and tree navigation is synchronized with table too. Server side backend of table content allows to handle big number of items very easy. Return button allows to back into upper level of tree very easy.
    • Hide/show items in the tree - option suitable when tree has big number of nodes
    • Drag and drop items within tree, table (Menu) and from table to tree (Menu)
    • Right click context sensitive menu in the tree and table

    Some open source packages were upgraded to latest versions: jQuery Data Tables, jQuery Code Mirror. KUSoftas CMS change log is available at

    Download and try it!

    Kusoftas Team, 08/28/2014

    2014-08-11 21:00:00

    CMS 2.3 version introduses page model and page sample. Both allow pages to be created and managed easy and flexible.

    Page model is special kind of page and it can be assigned to one or many pages. It may contain: template, java script and style sheet files, content files and header options. This allow to change look and functionality of pages via  model update  very easy and quickly .

    Page sample contains all regular page data with exception of URL and URL aliases. New site pages can be created using page samples very easy now. Page sample may contain place holders for content files which can be replaced with actual files after sample page was applied.

    Some open source packages were upgraded to latest versions: jQuery form validator. KUSoftas CMS change log is available at

    Download and try it!

    Kusoftas Team, 08/11/2014

    2014-07-25 00:00:00

    CMS 2.2 version introduses digital object model with digital objects repository. These implementations are similar to Fedora Repository. However KUSoftas digital object model and digital objects repository implementation is much more flexible and does not require Apache Tomcat server or other specialized software and can be run in a hosting server with shared resources which is very cheap solution in comparision to Fedora Repository

    More information is avalable at KUSoftas CMS Digital Objects Repository

    KUSoftas CMS digital objects repository (image)

    Some open source packages were upgraded to latest versions: PHP Smarty, PHP SCSS compiler, jQuery datatables pugin, jQuery UI library, jQuery Tipue Search plugin and jQuery Codemirror editor plugin. KUSoftas CMS change log is available at

    Download and try it!

    Kusoftas Team, 07/25/2014

    2014-06-23 15:00:00

    Issued on June 2nd 2014 KUSoftas CMS today have released second CMS update version. Update version contains code highlighting ability for both text and WYSIVYG editors (in source mode). The improvement was made by integrating into CMS well known open source CodeMirror text editor. CodeMirror is a versatile text editor implemented in JavaScript for the browser. It is specialized for editing code, and comes with a number of language modes and addons that implement more advanced editing functionality.

    Text editor supports highlighting for:

    • HTML
    • Javascript
    • CSS (including SASS and LESS)
    • XML
    • Smarty
    • PHP

    News version contains some bug fixes too. KUSoftas CMS change log is available at

    Download and try it!

    Kusoftas Team, 06/23/2014

    2014-05-30 12:00:00

    We are very pleased to announce KUSoftas CMS new release on Monday, June 2nd 12:00AM (GMT +3).

    KUSoftas CMS is easy skinnable, SEO optimized and completely browser based system based on PHP scripting language, Smarty template engine, jQuery JavaScript library and RESTful software architectural style. Site with CMS may be installed on any hosting server in shared resources and does not require any specific settings of hosting environment. Wide oportunity of usage supports site installations from very small to very large cases.  KUSoftas CMS may be used as framework for RESTful API or even entire web based information system creation too. It is based on very common open source software and technologies such as PHP, jQuery and Smarty and does not force programmers to use any specific programming techniques. Very simple installation and customization of powerfull sample site allow very easy to create personal or company site does not having specific programming skills.  

    Main KUSoftas CMS features:

    • Can be hosted in shared resources
    • Fits to wide range sites installation from very small to large
    • Software platform is based on jQuery, PHP, Smarty
    • Subsites support
    • Hierarchical user and group based CMS access control
    • Integrated Web file manager and WYSIWYG editor with CMS access control
    • WebDAV server with CMS access control
    • Interactive site localization tools based on NLS
    • Integrated site search based on jQuery only
    • Professional grade CSS extensions (SASS and LESS) support
    • 100% Web based CMS management tools with drag and drop

    The benefits of using a KUSoftas CMS:

    • For professionals
      • Powerful Web based developer framework
      • Web site creation shorter time
      • Lower the cost of creating
    • Managers
      • Lower site creation cost
      • Ability to create site just not having programming skills
      • One button touch switch site skin – very useful when Christmas is coming
    • Students, academic institutions
      • Full functionality at free of charge
      • State of art tools and environment
      • Good choice and perfect practice

    More information:

    KUSoftas Team

    2014-01-15 08:38:16
    KUSoftas CMS is skinnable, SEO optimized and completely browser based system with jQuery and Ajax support, full WYSIWYG content editing & management, drag and drop customization, WebDAV protocol support for all site content editing & management, templating system based on PHP, Smarty, Slim, jQuery, Datatables, Dynatree etc. Distribution sample site have 2 skins: default and Christmas. Sample site is made to be mostly suitable for typical business company and minimal design updates require. Stay ready for upcoming KUSoftas CMS release!

    Sample site is made to be mostly suitable for typical business company and minimal design updates require. Steps to be done:

    • Update sample site style variables of stylesheet class elements in /cms/skins/default/skin-variables.scss file:
      • Position
      • Width, height
      • Font family, size, weight, color
      • Background
      • Other variables
    • Upload and replace sample pictures with your pictures (ex. logo)
    • Update site menu items (using CMS tool Menu):
      • Title
      • Extended title
      • Description
      • Keywords
    • Upload your files (using CMS File Manager): images, pdf files and other files to be linked into site pages
    • Update pages content (using jQuery Edit plugin WYSIVYG editor)

    More detailed info about setup workflow you can find in Administration section of this documentation.

    Note: you can't update data of this sample due insufficient permissions of logged demo user

    Smarty template plugin docs available at {cms_plugin_news}

    Smarty template plugin for RSS docs available at {cms_plugin_news_rss}

    jQuery code snippet:

    cms_plugin_news = $('.skin-news-box').cms_plugin_news( { // create cms_plugin_news instance's on news <div> tag id: skin_lang, // slider id = menu language code (3-letter) cms_path: skin_cms_path // cms folder relative path });

    HTML code snippet:

    <fieldset class="cms-form-fieldset"> <legend class="cms-form-legend">{t}Add news into page sample{/t}</legend> {nocache} {strip} {cms_plugin_news var="item" id="eng" topic="" break="brk" item_id=""} {if count($item)==0} <div class="skin-news-box skin-news-box-empty"><p>{t}Empty{/t}</p></div> {/if} {for $i=1 to count($item)} <a name="{$item[$i-1]->bookmark}"></a> <div class="skin-news-box" id="{$item[$i-1]->id}"> <div class="skin-news-box-left"> <div class="skin-news-box-title"><h2><a href="{$item[$i-1]->url}" target="_blank">{$item[$i-1]->title}</a></h2></div> <div class="skin-news-box-date"> <table> <tr> <td class="skin-news-box-date-text">{$item[$i-1]->date}</td> {if count($parms)==0}<td class="skin-news-box-rss"><a href="http://{$site_url}{$url}/rss" target="_blank"></a></td>{/if} {for $j=1 to count($item[$i-1]->topic)} {if $item[$i-1]->topic[$j-1]=="brk" || $item[$i-1]->topic[$j-1]=="act"} <td class="skin-news-box-{$item[$i-1]->topic[$j-1]}"><div>{if $item[$i-1]->topic[$j-1]=="brk"}{t}Breaking{/t}{else}{t}New{/t}{/if}</div></td> {/if} {/for} </tr> </table> </div> <div class="skin-news-box-description">{$item[$i-1]->description}</div> <div class="skin-news-box-more cms-plugin-news-more-open-control"><a href="">{t}Read more{/t} ...</a></div> <div class="skin-news-box-content cms-plugin-news-more-content">{$item[$i-1]->content}</div> <div class="skin-news-box-close cms-plugin-news-more-close-control"><a href=""></a></div> </div > <div class="skin-news-box-right"> <div class="skin-news-box-image-wrapper"> <div class="skin-news-box-image" style="background-image: url('{$item[$i-1]->image}')"></div> </div> </div > </div> {/for} {/strip} {/nocache} </fieldset>

    CSS code snippet:

    .skin-news { padding-top: $news-top; position: relative; margin: 0px auto; display: block; max-width: $skin-content-width; } .skin-news-box { width: 100%; min-height: $news-box-height; height:100%; position: relative; overflow: hidden; margin: $news-box-margin-top auto; display: block; border: $news-box-border; clear: both; background: $news-box-background; -moz-border-radius: 8px; -webkit-border-radius: 8px; border-radius: 8px; } .skin-news-box-empty { border: 1px $news-box-empty-border-color dashed; display: none; p {font-size: $news-box-empty-font-size; font-style: $news-box-empty-font-style; margin-top: $news-box-empty-margin-top; margin-left: $news-box-empty-margin-left; color: $news-box-empty-color } } .skin-news-box-left { top: 0px; position: relative; display: block; width: percentage(($news-box-left-width - 15) / $skin-content-width); float: left; padding: 3px 5px 3px 5px; } .skin-news-box-right { top: 0px; right: 0px; position: absolute; display: block; width: percentage($news-box-right-width / $skin-content-width); height: $news-box-right-height; padding: 3px 5px 3px 5px; } .skin-news-box-title h2 { font-size: $news-box-title-font-size; margin-top: $news-box-title-margin-top; margin-bottom: 0px; color: $news-box-title-color; a { color: $news-box-title-color; text-decoration: none; &:link {color: $news-box-title-color; text-decoration: none} &:visited {color: $news-box-title-color; text-decoration: none} &:active {color: $news-box-title-color; text-decoration: none} &:hover {color: $news-box-title-color; text-decoration: underline} } } .skin-news-box-date { font-size: $news-box-date-font-size; margin-top: $news-box-date-margin-top; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: $news-box-date-margin-left; table {border-collapse: collapse} } .skin-news-box-date-text {color: $news-box-date-color; padding-right: 8px} .skin-news-box-description {font-size: $news-box-text-font-size; color: $skin-box-text-color; line-height: $news-box-title-font-size; text-align: justify; margin-top: $news-box-text-margin-top; margin-bottom: 0px;} .skin-news-box-more { display: block; margin-top: $news-box-more-margin-top; margin-left: $news-box-more-margin-left; height: $news-box-more-height; background: $news-box-more-background; a { display: block; color: $news-box-more-color; font-size: $news-box-more-font-size; line-height: $news-box-more-height; font-weight: $news-box-more-font-weight; padding-left: $news-box-more-height + 5 + $news-box-more-margin-left; &:link {color: $news-box-more-color} &:visited {color: $news-box-more-color} &:active {color: $news-box-more-color} &:hover {color: $news-box-more-color} } } .skin-news-box-content {font-size: $news-box-text-font-size; color: $skin-box-text-color; line-height: $news-box-title-font-size; text-align: justify; margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px} .skin-news-box-close { height: $news-box-more-height; margin-top: $news-box-more-margin-top; margin-left: $news-box-more-margin-left; background: $news-box-more-close-background; a {display: block; width: $news-box-more-height; height: $news-box-more-height} } .skin-news-box-image-wrapper { position:relative; width: 100%; padding-bottom: percentage($news-box-right-height / $news-box-right-width); height:0; overflow:hidden; } .skin-news-box-image { position: absolute; width:100%; height:100%; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: 100%; background-position: center center; -moz-border-radius: 8px; -webkit-border-radius: 8px; border-radius: 8px; } .cms-plugin-news-more-open-control {display: block} .cms-plugin-news-more-close-control {display: none} .cms-plugin-news-more-content {display: none} .skin-news-box-rss {background: $news-box-date-rss-background; padding-right: $news-box-date-topic-padding} .skin-news-box-rss a {display: block; width: $news-box-date-topic-height; height: $news-box-date-topic-height} .skin-news-box-brk {padding-left: 0px} .skin-news-box-act {padding-left: 0px} .skin-news-box-brk div {height: $news-box-date-topic-height; line-height: $news-box-date-topic-height; width: auto; display: block; color: $news-box-date-topic-color; background: $news-box-date-topic-background; padding-left: $news-box-date-topic-padding; padding-right: $news-box-date-topic-padding; margin-left: 0px} .skin-news-box-act div {height: $news-box-date-topic-height; line-height: $news-box-date-topic-height; width: auto; display: block; color: $news-box-date-topic-color; background: $news-box-date-topic-background; padding-left: $news-box-date-topic-padding; padding-right: $news-box-date-topic-padding; margin-left: 0px}


    Option Method Callback
    class_control, class_more_open_control, class_more_close_control
    class_more_content, admin
    id, cms_path, cms
    .cms_plugin_news( settings )

    Description: Plugin will add boxer control to specified element and allow to manage and show highlight boxes on the page.

    .cms_plugin_news( settings )
      • settings
      • Type: PlainObject
      • A set of key/value pairs that configure cms_plugin_news() plugin.
          • class_control (default: 'cms-plugin-control')
          • Type: String
          • Plugin tools marker selection class
          • class_more_open_control (default: 'cms-plugin-news-more-open-control')
          • Type: String
          • More info open control class
          • class_more_close_control (default: 'cms-plugin-news-more-close-control')
          • Type: String
          • More info close control class
          • class_more_content (default: 'cms-plugin-news-more-content')
          • Type: String
          • More info element class
          • admin (default: ['admin'])
          • Type: Array
          • Array of user groups (roles) can use this plugin control
          • id (default: 'eng')
          • Type: String
          • Plugin data file id
          • cms_path (default: '/cms/srv')
          • Type: String
          • Relative path to CMS software
          • cms (default: true)
          • Type: Boolean
          • Use plugin with cms

    cms_plugin_news plugin plugin styling and control (plugin implementation in sample):

    • sample-news - news container
    • sample-news-box - news box
    • sample-news-box-empty - empty news box
    • sample-news-box-empty p - empty news box paragraph
    • sample-news-box-left - news box left side area
    • sample-news-box-right - news box right side area
    • sample-news-box-right table - news box right side area table
    • sample-news-box-right td - news box right side area table cell
    • sample-news-box-title h2 - news box title header h2
    • sample-news-box-date - news box date
    • sample-news-box-date table - news box date table
    • sample-news-box-date-text - news box date text
    • sample-news-box-description - news box description
    • sample-news-box-more - news box more element
    • sample-news-box-more a - news box more anchor
    • sample-news-box-more a:link - news box more anchor :link
    • sample-news-box-more a:visited - news box more anchor :visited
    • sample-news-box-more a:active - news box more anchor :active
    • sample-news-box-more a:hover - news box more anchor :hover
    • sample-news-box-content - news box content
    • sample-news-box-close - news box close element
    • sample-news-box-close a - news box close element anchor
    • sample-news-box-image - news box image
    • cms-plugin-news-more-open-control - news box open element
    • cms-plugin-news-more-close-control - news box open element anchor
    • cms-plugin-news-more-content - news box content
    • sample-news-box-rss - news box rss element
    • sample-news-box-rss a - news box rss anchor
    • sample-news-box-brk - news box breaking news element
    • sample-news-box-act - news box actual news element
    • sample-news-box-brk div - news box breaking news element text
    • sample-news-box-act div - news box actual news element text
    • sample-plugin-control - plugin control

    Plugin cms_plugin_news depends on following jQuery packages:

    Vulnerability Scanner