API URL/local/locale/man/gen
    DescriptionGenerate messages .po file using locale node manage data RESTful API
    AccessRestricted to roles: admin, demo (r/o)
    Rquest methodPOST
    Request data typeRequest raw data
    Request data
    { key: "2|default", // key of locale node to be generated source: "532d9ebed9ef2", // assigned to locale node source bundle ID create: "0", // 1 - create .po file new (all translations to be lost!) update: "1", // 1 - update .po file with new from source bundle files extracted NLS messages remove: "0" // 1 - remove not existing (removed) in source bundle files messages from .po files }
    Response typeJSON
    Response data
    { rc: 'return code', // '0' - success, '1' - error msg: 'return message', // error message }
    Vulnerability Scanner