Add editor control into page sample
    There is sample edit control: 

    Note: you can't update data using edit control of this sample due insufficient permissions of logged demo user

    jQuery code snippet:

    $(".sample-edit").cms_edit({ // cms edit plugin cms_path: skin_cms_path, // cms folder relative path admin: ['admin','demo'], // show control when logged such users class_control: "sample-edit-control", // edit control button class files: skin_files // page include files array });

    HTML code snippet:

    <fieldset class="cms-form-fieldset"> <legend class="cms-form-legend">Add editor control into page sample</legend> <div class="sample-edit" data-file="0">There is sample edit control:&nbsp;</div> <!-- data-file="0" to set index=0 in files array - see snippets below --> </fieldset>

    CSS code snippet:

    .sample-edit { /* element where add control button */ position: relative; display: block; float: left } .sample-edit-control { /* edit control button */ position: relative; display: inline; float: right; width: 24px; height: 24px; background: url('/skin/images/page-white-edit-icon.png') no-repeat center center } .sample-edit-control a { /* anchor of edit control button */ position: absolute; display: block; width: 24px; height: 24px }

    Template code snippet:

    <script type="text/javascript"> var skin_files = JSON.parse('{json_encode($file_obj)}'); var skin_cms_path = "{$cms_path}"; </script>


    Option Method Callback
    cms_path, class_control, file_no_attr
    admin, grp, files
    control, cms
    .cms_edit( settings )

    Description: Plugin will add editor control to specified element. Click control and open WYSIVYG editor to edit page content.

    .cms_edit( settings )
      • settings
      • Type: PlainObject
      • A set of key/value pairs that configure cms_edit() plugin.
          • cms_path (default: '/cms/srv')
          • Type: String
          • Relative path to CMS software
          • class_control (default: 'cms-edit-control')
          • Type: String
          • Plugin control CSS class
          • file_no_attr (default: 'data-file')
          • Type: String
          • Attribute name containing file index
          • admin (default: ['admin'])
          • Type: Array
          • Array of user groups (roles) can use this plugin control
          • grp (default: [])
          • Type: Array
          • Assigned to logged user groups array. Should be set if plugin is not using with CMS (option cms=false)
          • files (default: [])
          • Type: Array
          • Array containing included files data (to be selected to edit with file index). File data must be plain object with structure: {"path":"","path_orig":"","link":"","ext":"","cache":"","life":""}
          • control (default: true)
          • Type: Boolean
          • Show plugin control
          • cms (default: true)
          • Type: Boolean
          • Use plugin with cms

    cms_edit plugin styling and control:

    • class 'cms-edit-control' - edit control button

    Plugin cms_dual_tree depends on following jQuery packages:

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