Template Variables

    PHP Smarty (http://www.smarty.net) template engine is integrated into KUSoftas CMS. Every page template have variables automatically added by CMS:

    Variable Description Sample code Sample result
    site_code CMS system code This site code: {$site_code} This site code: kusoftas
    site_name CMS system name This site name: {$site_name} This site name: KUSoftas
    site_url CMS system URL This site URL: {$site_url} This site URL: www.kusoftas.com
    site_url_offset CMS system URL offset This site URL offset: {$site_url_offset} This site URL offset:
    home_url Master CMS system URL This site master URL: {$home_url} This site master URL: www.kusoftas.com
    cms_path CMS software folder path This site cms_path: {$cms_path} This site cms_path: /cms/srv
    files CMS include files folder relative path This site include files: {$files} This site include files: /cms/files
    images CMS include imagesfolder relative path This site include images: {$images} This site include images: /cms/images
    lang_code Current menu language code Current language code: {$lang_code} Current language code: eng
    lang_id Current menu language ID Current language ID: {$lang_id} Current language ID: en
    lang_url Current menu language URL Current language URL: {$lang_url} Current language URL: /
    lang_uri Current menu language URI Current language URI: {$lang_uri} Current language URI: /
    locale Current menu locale Current locale: {$locale} Current locale URI: en_EN
    file Page include files array Include files array: {json_encode($file)} Include files array: ["\/var\/www\/www.kusoftas.com\/cms\/files\/guide\/template\/guide-template-variables.html"]
    file_id Page include files associative (by include ID) array Include files associative array: {json_encode($file_id)} Include files associative array: []
    file_obj Page include file objects array Include file objects array: {json_encode($file_obj)} Include file objects array: [{"path":"\/var\/www\/www.kusoftas.com\/cms\/files\/guide\/template\/guide-template-variables.html","path_orig":"guide\/template\/guide-template-variables.html","link":"0","ext":"0","cache":"","life":""}]
    file_obj_id Page include file objects associative (by include ID) array Include file objects associative array: {json_encode($file_obj_id)} Include file objects associative array: []
    meta Page optional metadata Page optional metadata: {htmlspecialchars(json_encode($meta))} Page optional metadata: ["<meta property=\"fb:admins\" content=\"1234567890\"\/>"]
    meta_id Page optional metadata associative (by include ID) array Page optional metadata associative array: {json_encode($file_id)} Page optional metadata associative array: []
    meta_obj Page optional metadata objects array Page optional metadata objects array: {json_encode($file_obj)} Page optional metadata objects array: [{"path":"\/var\/www\/www.kusoftas.com\/cms\/files\/guide\/template\/guide-template-variables.html","path_orig":"guide\/template\/guide-template-variables.html","link":"0","ext":"0","cache":"","life":""}]
    meta_obj_id Page optional metadata objects associative (by include ID) array Page optional metadata objects associative array: {json_encode($file_obj_id)} Page optional metadata objects associative array: []
    title Page title Title: {$title} Title: CMS Template Variables | CMS Programmers Guide | Documentation
    description Page description Description: {$description} Description: Template Variables: site_code, site_name, site_url, lang_code, lang_id, lang_url, lang_uri, locale, file, file_id, file_obj_id, meta, title, description, keywords, title_short, language, options, last_page, last_lang, last_site, last_update, last, cnt_page, cnt_lang, cnt, logged, uid, name, grp, ip, url, uri, menu
    keywords Page description Keywords: {$keywords} Keywords: template, variable, smarty
    title_short Menu title Menu title: {$title_short} Menu title: Template Variables
    language Page language Language: {$language} Language:
    languages Site languages object array Site languages object array: {htmlspecialchars(json_encode($languages))} Site languages object array: [{"id":"en","code":"eng","name":"English","short":"EN","locale":"en_EN.utf8","url":"\/","uri":"\/","url_alt":"","ssl":false},{"id":"lt","code":"lit","name":"Lithuanian","short":"LT","locale":"lt_LT.utf8","url":"http:\/\/www.kusoftas.eu","uri":"http:\/\/www.kusoftas.eu","url_alt":"","ssl":false}]
    options Page include options Include options array: {htmlspecialchars(json_encode($options))} Include options array: []
    last_page Current page last update Page last update: {$last_page} Page last update: 2016-07-04 21:03:33
    last_lang Current menu language last update Language last update: {$last_lang} Language last update:
    last_site Site last update Site last update: {$last_site} Site last update: 2018-05-19 23:11:16
    last_update Site last update by current menu language Site last update: {$last_update} Site last update: 2021-03-04 12:45:35
    last Site last update in short form Site last update: {$last} Site last update: 2016-11-03
    cnt_page Page visitor counter Page visitor counter: {$cnt_page} Page visitor counter: 0
    cnt_lang Menu by language visitor counter Menu by language visitor counter: {$cnt_lang} Menu by language visitor counter: 0
    cnt Site visitor counter Site visitor counter: {$cnt} Site visitor counter: 0
    logged User is logged Logged: {$logged} Logged: 1
    remember User is remembered Remember: {$remember} Remember:
    limit User rights are limited if have been remembered Limit: {$limit} Limit:
    uid Logged user ID UID: {$uid} UID: demo
    name Logged user name Name: {$name} Name: Demo User
    grp Logged user groups/roles array Groups/roles array: {json_encode($grp)} Groups/roles: ["demo","logged-on"]
    ip Client IP Your IP: {$ip} Your IP:
    url Request URL Request URL: {$url} Request URL: http://www.kusoftas.com/programming/template-plugins
    uri Request URI Request URI: {$uri} Request URI: /programming/template-variables
    menu Current menu entry object Menu entry object: {htmlspecialchars(json_encode($menu))} Menu entry object: {"pre":{"tit":"Catalogue API","tit_full":"CMS Catalogue API | CMS Programmers Guide | Documentation","desc":"Get catalogue tree; current catalogue items list; get model, sample, item data; get item info; reorder, delete, update items","url":"\/programming\/catalogue-api","ssl":false},"nex":{"tit":"Template Plugins","tit_full":"CMS Template Plugins | CMS Programmers Guide | Documentation","desc":"CMS template plugins for Smarty templating engine. Template plugins help you to create your site pages content","url":"\/programming\/template-plugins","ssl":false},"lst":false}
    seq Page unique SEQ Page SEQ: {$seq} Page SEQ: 53d021ace6bf6
    pid Page unique PID Page PID: {$pid} Page PID: 53d021ace6bb8
    menu_seq Menu unique SEQ Menu SEQ: {$menu_seq} Menu SEQ: 541c745c207ea
    cat_seq Catalogue unique SEQ Catalogue SEQ: {$cat_seq} Catalogue SEQ: 541c745c20585
    public Public availability Public availability: {$public} Public availability: 1
    public_start Public availability date start Public availability start: {$public_start} Public availability start: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
    public_stop Public availability date stop Public availability stop: {$public_stop} Public availability stop: 9999-00-00 00:00:00
    editor Last editor Last editor: {$editor} Last editor: CMS
    timestamp Last update Last update: {$timestamp} Last update: 2016-07-04 21:03:33
    version CMS version Current CMS version: {$version} Current CMS version: 4.5
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