Languages List (lng)


    Smarty site languages list plugin. Plugin outputs list of languages short names (ex. EN) in anchor tag (<a>)


    Attribute Name Type Required Default Description
    id string No n/a ID attribute assigned to list <ul> tag
    class string No cms-lang Class attribute assigned to list <ul> tag
    active string No cms-lang-active Class attribute assigned to list active item <li> tag
    alt boolean No false Assign to <a href=> tag attribute language alternative URL (usually used for jquery click event handling)

    Sample for using:

    {lng id="sample-id" class="sample-class" active="sample-class-active"}

    Above will output:

    <ul id="sample-id" class="sample-class"> <li title="English" class="sample-class-active"><a href="/">EN</a></li> <li title="German"><a href="/de">DE</a></li> <li title="Russian"><a href="/ru">RU</a></li> </ul>

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