CMS Skin Basics | Overview | Documentation (image)

    KUSoftas CMS supports site skinable. Some different skins may be created for same site (ex. Christmas skin) and site may be easy be switched between skins with one button touch.

    Skin is package of elements:

    • CSS style sheet files
    • JS java script files
    • Images
    • Templates
    • Locales

    All elements in the list above may be included into page. Different templates with same or different include elements may give different look of page. Skin engine gives ability to use same path to same file no mater which skin is selected:

    • Image: /skin/images/file-name-of-image
    • CSS: /skin/css/file-name-of-css
    • JS: /skin/js/file-name-of-js

    Selected skin templates folder will be automaticaly added to Smarty template engine template folders list

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