Digital Objects Repository

    CMS Digital Objects Repository Basics | Overview | Documentation (image)

    KUSoftas CMS digital object model with digital objects repository implementations are are similar to Fedora Repository. However KUSoftas digital object model and digital objects repository implementation is much more flexible and does not require Apache Tomcat server or other specialized software and can be run in a hosting server with shared resources which is very cheap solution in comparision to Fedora Repository

    Simple direct drag and drop of files from a computer desktop to a site allows very easy store of files into digital repository as datastreams. Each digital object has unique ID (permanent ID - PID) and can be accessed by its regular page/object URL or PID, ex.: http://site_url/page_url or http://site_url/pid. Each datastream has its unique ID within digital object and can be accessed using combination of page/object URL or PID and unique datastream ID, ex.: http://site_url/page_url/datastream_id or http://site_url/pid/datastream_id. Page/Object can have a list URL aliases (http://site_url/pid is a automatic URL alias) which may be redirected to a regular page/object URL. Each datastream can be protected by access control list (ACL) using CMS hierarchical access control system. Fast page routing allows to have big number of digital objects stored in repository.

    KUSoftas CMS demo site contains digital object with PDF datastream stored in digital object repository sample at and its aliases: and (access via pid). You can view digital object implementation data at

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