General Data

    Skin New Edit General Data | CMS Tools Setup | Documentation (image)
    1. "Skin" tab selected
    2. "Edit" tab selected
    3. "General data" tab selected
    4. Fill fields in skin data form:
      ID Skin ID to be used in CMS tab as default skin ID
      Name Skin name to be used for display purpoises
      Skin folder Skin folder where will be located: css, images, js and template files
      Template folder Skin template files folder
      Locale file name It will be used to select locale message file (ex. "cms" will be used as "" unix style locale messages file name)
      Locale folder Folder where to be located locale messages files
      Active Activate this skin on save setup data
    5. Click button (only if you have updated assigned groups):
      • Save - save locale data into list (actual data save will be done with "Save config" button)
      • Cancel - cancel action and return to skin list
      • Clear - clear form data fields
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