Manage Index Deindex | CMS Tools Indexing| Documentation (image)

    Select index in list to index/deindex data.

    1. "Manage" tab selected
    2. "Index" tab selected
    3. Info about index:
      • Key
      • Title
      • Ready - index is ready for use
      • Docs number - total items indexed
      • Fields number - total fields created
      • Words number - total number of found words in indexed items
      • Indexing task: default/per index
      • Stop words: default/per index
      • Boosting words: default/per index
      • Remove/create table index: if yes RDBMS shema tables indexes will be removed and recreated to boost performance!
    4. Buttons:
      • Queue - add to queue items to be indexed on index update
      • Dequeue - remove items from index update queue
      • Dequeue all - remove items from all indexes update queue
      • Create - recreate index
      • Empty - empty index
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