Table of Contents:

    Slider is CMS plugin to manage and show slides on site page (typically home page). It allow:

    • Show slides with 3D and other transition effects
    • Manage and edit slides content
    • Manage themes of transition effects

    Plugin data storage is located in folder /cms/data/plugins/slider (may be changed) and contains files:

    • conf.json - themes configuration data in JSON format
    • id.xml - XML file containing slides data; id - slider id usually is language code (ex. eng.xml))
    • other XML files containing slides data with different id

    Plugin delegates to site:

    • js include file: cms-plugin-slider.js containing cms_plugin_slider() jQuery plugin
    • css include file: cms-plugin-slider.css
    • Smarty template plugin {cms_plugin_slider}

    jQuery plugin docs available at cms_plugin_slider()

    Smarty template plugin docs available at {cms_plugin_slider}

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