API URL/content/:filter
    DescriptionGet site pages text content API
    Rquest methodGET
    Request data typeURL route parameters
    Request data :filter - filtering data in object structure: '{ "page": { "enable": true, "filter": [] }, "plugin": [] }'; filter - topic code list; plugin - CMS plugin ID
    Response typeJSON
    Response data
    { pages:[ { title: "KUSoftas CMS Home - skinnable, SEO optimized, jQuery, PHP, Smarty, jQuery based", text: "KUSoftas CMS is skinnable, SEO optimized with jQuery and Ajax support, WYSIWYG content editing, WebDAV support based on PHP, Smarty ...", tags: "cms, content management system, web, site, setup, menu, pages, files, users, groups, access control, permissions, jquery, elrte, elfinder, ...", loc: "http:\/\/www.kusoftas.com" } ... ] }
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