Menu Tree Reference | CMS Tools Menu | Documentation (image)
    1. "Tree" tab selected
    2. Select / deselect all current folder table items
    3. Select / deselect current folder table item
    4. Search items (filter) in current folder (at least 2 characters must be entered)
    5. Clear search text (to be all items of current folder shown in the list)
    6. Walk throw current folder item list forward and back
    7. Change menu current folder table items paging size number
    8. Select / deselect folders in directory tree
    9. Select / deselect menu items in directory tree
    10. Set current folder / menu item in directory tree
    11. Folder icon
    12. Menu item icon
    13. Mouse right click menu on tree item
    14. Mouse right click menu on current folder table item
    15. Enter into child folder in current folder table
    16. Back to upper level folder
    17. Hide/Show items in the tree
    18. Select current folder table items drag/drop type: a) drag and drop into list; b) drag and drop into tree.
    19. Site menu tree
    20. Collection tree

    Icon legend:

    - language collapsed folder
    - language expanded folder
    - language restricted collapsed folder
    - language restricted expanded folder
    -menu item
    - hidden menu item
    - menu collapsed folder
    - menu expanded folder
    - hidden menu collapsed folder
    - hidden menu expanded folder
    - logon menu item
    - logon menu collapsed folder
    - logon menu expanded folder
    - logoff menu item
    - logoff menu collapsed folder
    - logoff menu expanded folder
    - restricted menu item
    - menu restricted collapsed folder
    - menu restricted expanded folder
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