KUSoftas CMS have hierarchical access control system using user ID and assigned groups to control access to resources - like MS Windows OS. KUSoftas CMS access control may be used for: page URL, menu items, CMS tools and API, CMS plugins, files ant folders access via file manager and WYSIVYG editor, WebDAV server and HTTP protocol.

    Access to pages and menu items may be limited for date and time period by start and stop timestamps and by client IP address.

    KUSoftas CMS has integrated powerful file manager with WYSIVYG editor. It allows to manage and edit site pages content. File manager may be easy integrated into any site page. Integrated CMS access control allow to authorize usage of file manager for various classes of site users, groups and tasks - not only for administrators. Hierarchical folders and files access control with permissions inheritance is supported in the same way as in other CMS components.

    As page hypertext is stored into regular file system files you can use any professional tools for content editing via WebDAV protocol such as Adobe Dreamweaver! You can connect site via WebDAV server as network drive to MS Windows (ex. using NetDrive 2) or other OS and use content manage and edit tools as you like (ex. Notepad++). KUSoftas CMS WebDAV server access control is integrated into CMS access control. Site folders and pages can be authorized to be accessed by site users via WebDAV server.

    KUSoftas CMS supports multi language site menu structure. But sometimes some messages program or template snippet needs to be automatically translated into proper language according to current page locale. Interactive site localization tool allow to extract such messages from Java Script, PHP and Smarty templates into portable object files (PO) to be translated into different languages. Integrated translation editor allow to translate PO messages and compile into machine object (MO) file. Optionaly you can use standard GNU gettext utilities and PoEDIT or other similar editor to perform same task if you like.

    KUSoftas CMS supports site skinable. Some different skins may be created for same site (ex. Christmas skin) and site may be easy be switched between skins with one button touch. Each skin may have its own images, css, js, template files and locales. Images, css and js files from different skins can be accessed from internet using same path starting with word "skin".

    Integrated site search engine is based only on jQuery and does not require any separate indexing service. Search may be scoped by assigned topics to each page. Each page may be included or not into search index. Data from news plugin may be included into search index.

    Professional grade CSS extensions (SASS and LESS) support is integrated into KUSoftas CMS. If CMS detects such type CSS files included into page (by file extension .scss or .less) it will be compiled into regular CSS file and placed into CMS CSS cache on page load. Timestamp of original and compiled CSS file versions will be checked on every page containing include of such CSS files load. CSS file will be recompiled automatically if it was changed.

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