2017-05-14 15:00:00

    KUSoftas CMS 4.3.1 version news:

    • Updated open source components and plugins.
    • Updated CMS.
    • Updated samples.
    • Updated Boxer plugin.
    • Updated eShop plugin.
    • Fixed small bugs.

    Updated open source components and plugins: jQuery, Codemirror, DataTables, Fancytree, Validation, ContextMenu, elFinder, Open SSL, PHP Slim, PHP Mailer.

    Boxer plugin updates:

    • New "Class" field for optional CSS class
    • New "Text" field for optional text
    • Now all fields are optional.

    eShop plugin updates:

    • Full-text search field added to filtering
    • Buy without registration
    • Skip optional delivery address form
    • Skip delivery type selection if only one exists
    • Skip payment type selection if only one exists
    • Forward to admin all e-mails sent to customer 
    • Get quote form if item is not in stock
    • Related items, ex. parts for item
    • Window (product) configurator updates:
      • Added quantity option
      • Added with, height and partition show option to selected window type
      • Scroll dynamic expanded options to be visible

    KUSoftas CMS change log is available at http://service.kusoftas.com/cms/change_log.txt

    Download and try it!

    KUSoftas Team, 05/14/2017

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