2014-05-30 12:00:00

    We are very pleased to announce KUSoftas CMS new release on Monday, June 2nd 12:00AM (GMT +3).

    KUSoftas CMS is easy skinnable, SEO optimized and completely browser based system based on PHP scripting language, Smarty template engine, jQuery JavaScript library and RESTful software architectural style. Site with CMS may be installed on any hosting server in shared resources and does not require any specific settings of hosting environment. Wide oportunity of usage supports site installations from very small to very large cases.  KUSoftas CMS may be used as framework for RESTful API or even entire web based information system creation too. It is based on very common open source software and technologies such as PHP, jQuery and Smarty and does not force programmers to use any specific programming techniques. Very simple installation and customization of powerfull sample site allow very easy to create personal or company site does not having specific programming skills.  

    Main KUSoftas CMS features:

    • Can be hosted in shared resources
    • Fits to wide range sites installation from very small to large
    • Software platform is based on jQuery, PHP, Smarty
    • Subsites support
    • Hierarchical user and group based CMS access control
    • Integrated Web file manager and WYSIWYG editor with CMS access control
    • WebDAV server with CMS access control
    • Interactive site localization tools based on NLS
    • Integrated site search based on jQuery only
    • Professional grade CSS extensions (SASS and LESS) support
    • 100% Web based CMS management tools with drag and drop

    The benefits of using a KUSoftas CMS:

    • For professionals
      • Powerful Web based developer framework
      • Web site creation shorter time
      • Lower the cost of creating
    • Managers
      • Lower site creation cost
      • Ability to create site just not having programming skills
      • One button touch switch site skin – very useful when Christmas is coming
    • Students, academic institutions
      • Full functionality at free of charge
      • State of art tools and environment
      • Good choice and perfect practice

    More information: http://www.kusoftas.com.

    KUSoftas Team

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