2014-08-11 21:00:00

    CMS 2.3 version introduses page model and page sample. Both allow pages to be created and managed easy and flexible.

    Page model is special kind of page and it can be assigned to one or many pages. It may contain: template, java script and style sheet files, content files and header options. This allow to change look and functionality of pages via  model update  very easy and quickly .

    Page sample contains all regular page data with exception of URL and URL aliases. New site pages can be created using page samples very easy now. Page sample may contain place holders for content files which can be replaced with actual files after sample page was applied.

    Some open source packages were upgraded to latest versions: jQuery form validator. KUSoftas CMS change log is available at http://service.kusoftas.com/cms/change_log.txt

    Download and try it!

    Kusoftas Team, 08/11/2014

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